Last month, someone posted a song online that was supposedly an unreleased Nirvana track stolen from Courtney Love. Now, Love is suing the person behind the song, which she says is a fake.

The cut, which is called "Flaccid Bone," was allegedly hacked from Love, who owns the rights to many of her late husband Cobain's songs (and therefore a huge chunk of Nirvana's library). Problem is, Love says the song isn't by Nirvana.

TMZ reports that Love has unleashed her lawyers on the person behind the song. She says that not only was her computer never hacked, she was never in possession of the song, which she claims isn't real anyway.

The YouTube description of the song -- which you can listen to above -- claims that Love “said this came from early '90s recording sessions. Supposedly, Kurt hated it and canned it. I mean no disrespect to Kurt, but this is coming out eventually. He hated several of his songs anyway!”

A quick scan of the comments shows that most listeners side with Love on this one -- at least her assertion that the song isn't by Nirvana. "Who the f--- is that supposed to be singing?" asks one person. "This is more of an unreleased Seether track than a Nirvana track," says another.

Apparently Love and her lawyers are still tracking down the person behind "Flaccid Bone." About a year ago, Love and Dave Grohl, who drummed for Nirvana, hugged it out after the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The pair had a tumultuous history, partly stemming from Love's part ownership of Nirvana's catalog. For his part, the Foo Fighters frontman says all that drama is a thing of the past.

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