Ian McLagan, still apparently steamed over a series of Rod Stewart no-shows, says he's not interested in putting the Faces back together again in 2015, even though Stewart finally seems to be coming around.

Rebooting the original lineup has been the topic of discussion for years, but with Stewart consistently busy elsewhere, McLagan and the rest of the group were forced to move forward with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red taking over as frontman in 2010-11. "We've done the Faces," McLagan recently told Uncut. "And he didn’t turn up."

Stewart recently said that the much-anticipated and long-talked-about reunion was "earmarked for 2015," but he did so without talking to fellow members McLagan or Kenney Jones, according to McLagan. If he had, he'd know that the keyboardist is planning to spend 2015 working on a reunion of the earlier Small Faces group, which didn't include Stewart. "Why would we f--- around with the Faces when we’ve got bigger fish to fry?" McLagan asked.

Jones -- along with the late Steve Marriott, the late Ronnie Lane and Jimmy Winston -- formed the Small Faces in 1965, with McLagan replacing Winston the following year. When Marriott left to found Humble Pie in 1969, the group morphed into the Faces with the addition of Stewart and Ronnie Wood, who later joined the Rolling Stones.

Stewart missed a planned charity reunion gig in 2009. And when the Small Faces and Faces were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, Stewart missed that show too. 

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