A gambling bookmaker in Europe is offering proposition bets regarding the start time of a Guns N' Roses concert recently announced for May 17 in Dublin, Ireland, after a previous 2010 concert there was interrupted for a half hour when fans began pelting the band with plastic cups.

Axl Rose and the band walked offstage Dublin's 02 Arena just 20 minutes into the set two years ago when the projectiles starting flying, returning 30 minutes later to finish the show. Fans were angered by the late start of the band's set, which kicked off an hour after the scheduled time.

Which brings us to the upcoming May 17 gig. It's one of two European dates (the other is June 22 in Milan, Italy) that have been announced so far, prompting rumors that a European Guns summer tour is in the works (a promoter has since confirmed the band's plans to tour the continent). But some question the wisdom in lining up a show in Dublin -- and specifically the O2 Arena -- so soon after the last fiasco.

And that's what inspired the European bookmaker Paddy Power to begin taking wagers on if the show would actually happen, and if it does, what time Guns N' Roses will actually hit the stage. Currently the odds are 9/2 that the band cancels the show outright and 10/1 that the poor ticket sales force them to cancel it. If the gig does go on as planned, there are various other odds regarding the start time, with "on time" (3/1) and "more than an hour late" (2/1) currently having the best odds.

“The fans didn’t take too kindly to Axl’s diva-like attitude last time he was in Dublin and rightly so," Paddy Power spokesperson Sharon McHugh told Unreality TV. "We just hope he has more sense this time around and that he’ll actually show up on time!”

By the way, Paddy Power is also taking bets on what song Guns will open the show with, and 'Welcome To the Jungle' is a clear favorite at 6/1 odds. You can bet on pretty much anything under the sun these days, can't you! Go ahead and make your GN'R wagers here, if you're into that sort of thing.