After the Baltimore Sun ran a letter to the editor by a reader who condemned U2's tax practices, none other than the band's guitarist, the Edge, responded to the newspaper with a letter of his own.

In a letter published July 7, reader Simon Moroney chastised Maryland Sen. Benjamin Cardin for supporting Bono and his ONE campaign. Moroney accused U2 of being "major tax evaders" for moving a "portion of their business to a Dutch tax haven."

He also condemned Bono for owning a $15 million yacht, a mansion in Dublin and financing the "expensive and lavish" broadway show 'Spider-Man.' In addition, he blasts the U2 singer's ONE campaign, calling it a "lobbying group with no mandate or accountability."

Now, the Edge has written a letter to the Baltimore Sun defending U2 and his bandmate Bono.

"The recent letter to the editor entitled, "Senator Cardin's affection for Bono's foundation is indefensible," (July 7) by Simon Moroney contains so many inaccuracies that it is pointless to attempt to correct them all," begins the guitarist. "But the most serious inaccuracy is the totally false and possibly libelous accusation that U2 and Bono have, by moving a part of their business activities to Holland, been involved in tax evasion."

The Edge goes on to explain that the band's tax practices are completely legitimate and that the group has even "paid many, many millions of dollars in taxes to the United States Internal Revenue Service over the years."

Your move, Simon Moroney!

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