In the grand tradition of that amazing Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake ‘The History of Rap’ (parts one and two) duet, Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder teamed up with the talk show host on Thursday's episode of 'Late Night' to perform a song titled 'Balls in Your Mouth.'

Fallon starts thing off strumming an acoustic guitar and singing an earnest protest song about last year's BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. House band the Roots come in with a backing groove, and somewhere in the world ex-BP chairman Peter Sutherland, watching on a gold-encrusted 55-inch plasma television, is shaking in his boots.

As the chorus hits, the song takes a comedic twist (we won't ruin the surprise here), and Fallon begins working the crowd, walking up and down the aisle and making grand rock-star poses. Then suddenly, Vedder -- sporting a flannel shirt, no less -- literally pops up out of nowhere and joins in, backing Fallon with his deep, brooding baritone. The audience obviously goes crazy.

Later in the show, Vedder and his Pearl Jam cohorts performed a new song titled 'Ole!,' a rocking, up-tempo number reminiscent of PJ scorcher 'Spin the Black Circle.' The show also featured an interview with Cameron Crowe, who directed the forthcoming documentary, 'PJ20.'

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Perform 'Balls in Your Mouth'

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