Wolfgang Van Halen is launching another attack against those who he says are “taking advantage” of his father’s death.

He's already slammed speculation that Van Halen were considering a reunion in the wake of Eddie Van Halen's passing last month, then took on a magazine for running a misleading cover feature. Wolfgang's latest target is an unidentified company selling CBD oil via a faked article from People magazine.

Headlined “Eddie Van Halen’s Last Will Includes Gift For All Of Us,” the story claims that the guitarist “left a strange request in his will … Give out Eddie’s favorite ‘little helper,’ CBD oil, to all his fans.” It includes fake quotes from Eddie discussing the “calming effect” the substance had toward the end of his life.

“Hey, so I’ve gotten enough messages about this shit so I figured I’d do my best to shut it down,” Wolfgang writes via Facebook. “This CBD oil thing claiming to be some final gift from my dad is all bullshit. Just another batch of soulless fuckers taking advantage of this horrible situation just to make a quick buck off naive fans. Fucking assholes.”

He pointed out that the article didn't really originate from People: “If you DO happen to know the people behind this, by all means harass the shit outta them. You have my blessing.” Wolfgang added on Twitter: “Too many people have asked me if all of these rumors and scams are legit and I think it’s important that I let people know the truth.”


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