Dropkick Murphys were forced to cancel their Nov. 16 show in Tulsa after the band's tour bus struck and killed a pedestrian who jumped out in front of the vehicle in what's being treated as a suicide.

As Loudwire reports, the band has been through some dark times lately. When the collision occurred, the bus was en route to Dallas, where singer Al Barr was scheduled to fly out in order to attend the funeral of one of his closest friends. The group had intended to carry on without Barr in Tulsa, but as they explained in a Facebook post, it simply wasn't possible after the accident.

"We were left with a driver that has been severely shaken up by the accident and a bus too damaged to continue onto Tulsa," reads the note. "Throughout the early morning hours we tried every possible way to get our band and gear to Tulsa but we've simply run out of time. As much as it pains us to miss a show and we truly apologize for it, we'd like to stop and acknowledge that a man has lost his life. Please keep him and any family he might have in your prayers."

Sadly, this isn't the first time a band's tour bus has made headlines due to a wayward pedestrian in 2014. In August, Kings of Leon had to adjust their schedule after someone jumped in front of their bus in Boston, bringing the vehicle to a screeching halt and leaving the band's drummer with broken ribs.