Donovan, a recent 2012 electee to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, is "pleased as punch" and responds to the news by telling Rolling Stone "it's a singular honor." Though some fans believe that the Scottish folk icon should of been inducted far earlier, the Sunshine Superman believes the timing to be ideal.

Donovan is thrilled for countless reasons; one being that he's entering the Hall with some of his favorite artists and musicians. "The Faces are my old chums. We used to hang out. Guns N' Roses, who I've come to know in California and did a couple of things with. A very touching part of this, for me, is the inclusion of the lovely Laura Nyro, who left us too soon, of course. When I was younger, I followed her rise and her extraordinary work."

No stranger to honors and awards, the singer-songwriter understands that they all point to his work. "For me, the work was always to show others, to lead others, to experiment, to break all the rules." Still, Donovan sees this induction as "singular" because it's worldwide whereas his other awards have been more local.

People have found it difficult to put Donovan in a particular space as his background comes from many genres including R&B, hard rock and straight pop. The singer admits that his experimentation stems from a "very ancient, acoustic, root."

Donovan, along with five other classic bands and artists, will get officially recognized at the ceremony scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio in April.  Apparently when you "wear your love like heaven" it eventually pays off. Congratulations, Donovan.