Don Henley has responded to Robert Plant's recent interpretation of why the Eagles reunited 20 years ago. In a new interview, he refutes the claim that it was out of boredom and gets in a solid jab of his own.

"I am never bored," he told the New Zealand Herald. "The truth is, we enjoy doing it. It is hard work, especially for gentlemen of our age but the fact is it's a fantastic job and it's a wonderful way to make a living and see the world and get to travel and we take our kids with us."

Earlier this month, Plant shot down yet another call for a Led Zeppelin reunion by referencing one of the most highly publicized reunion tours in rock history. “Do you know why the Eagles said they’d reunite when ‘hell freezes over,’ but they did it anyway and keep touring?" he said. "It’s not because they were paid a fortune. It’s not about the money. It’s because they’re bored. I’m not bored.”

Regardless of Plant's thoughts on the matter, count Henley in as one of those who would gladly pony up for a reunion of the legends, with whom, the interviewer notes, they shared similarly bad reviews in their time. "I really wish [Led Zeppelin] would get back together because they were one of the greatest bands of all time. I think maybe Robert is worried about hitting those notes. He may not be able to unbutton his shirt any more."

Earlier this week, the Eagles announced that they will bring their 'History of the Eagles' tour to Australia and New Zealand in February and March 2015. The March 21 date in Auckland will be their first performance in New Zealand in 20 years.

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