Like a lot of Guns N' Roses fans around the world, former GNR guitarist DJ Ashba is eager to see Slash and Duff McKagan back up on stage with Axl Rose this spring.

Ashba weighed in on the group's upcoming performances during a Jan. 22 interview with WMMR, saying, "As a fan myself, I couldn't be more stoked for the fan base. They've waited a long time for this to happen, and, God, it's so good that it's happening. I couldn't be happier for the fans, you know."

He also looked back on his departure from the band in 2015, explaining that although he had the time of his life pulling double duty with GNR and Sixx:A.M., his work with the latter band eventually pulled him in a different direction — particularly because it allowed him a wider degree of creative expression.

"We did this last Sixx:A.M. run, and it just really kind of made me go, 'Wait a second! There's a huge difference here playing somebody else's songs and playing my own.' You know what I mean? I just felt every note I hit. And it's, like, 'Wow! This is where I need to be.' It was that tour that made me realize, 'I need to go back to what I'm really about.' So I'm really, really stoked."

As previously reported, Sixx:A.M. intend to maintain that momentum in 2016, with plans to release a pair of new albums that will serve as "companion pieces" to each other — and they also want to get right back on the road.

"We want to play with anybody, anywhere we can," said bassist Nikki Sixx. "We’d love to headline, we’d love to be direct support, we’d love to play festivals. We’ll do acoustic gigs, radio stations, whatever. We just want to play. And that’s what we’re going to do."

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