Many Allman Brothers Band fans were disappointed that former guitarist Dickey Betts wasn't onstage with the group when they performed their farewell concert on Oct. 28, but Betts doesn't seem too broken up about his old partners calling it quits.

In fact, Betts sounded a few conciliatory notes during a recent interview with Ticket Sarasota, complimenting Gregg Allman's "golden voice" and singling out drummers Jaimoe and Butch Trucks for particular praise. He waxed philosophical about his 2000 dismissal from the lineup, saying the group "made a big mistake when they started eating their young" but adding, "Human nature is you work shoulder to shoulder in a real emotional kind of setting and there are jealousies that come up. There’s resentment, and resentment turns to just outright bad things. And that’s what happened."

And now that the Allman Brothers Band is no more, Betts can easily see the advantages the group's retirement has for him. "It makes it easier on my band because half their show is s--- I wrote, which I do in my show," he said. "I don’t have to do Gregg Allman songs. It will be easier as far as people understanding."

Ultimately, Betts wondered if the Allmans were truly living up to their own legend by the end anyway. "I kind of question whether to say this or not," he concluded, "but it’s almost like the Allman Brothers turned into an Allman Brothers tribute band."

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