Yesterday we reported on Jimmy Page's new album 'Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks,' which will be released on March 20 via his website. Today, we have discovered a 2006 interview with the Led Zepplin guitarist that goes into detail about his unreleased score of the 1972 film that forms the bulk of the new album.

Page had been familiar with director Kenneth Anger through their shared interest in English occultist Aleister Crowley. "I could see Anger was passionate about this stuff," Page told Classic Rock. "So that, along with his creative output, made him somebody I would like to meet. Eventually he came to my house in Sussex and I went to his flat in London."

The 31 minutes of music Page created in his home studio, he continues, drew upon his love of Indian music, involving a tambura, Buddhist chanting and a tabla mixing with a Mellotron, horns and a bit of 12-string acoustic guitar. None of the music found a home in Led Zepplin's work, although one small piece wound up in his soundtrack to 'Death Wish II.'

The falling out with Anger, which led to Page being replaced by Bobby BeauSoleil, is also chronicled. In retrospect, Page seems more upset that the project didn't reach its full potential than his firing. “It’s not the fact that I’m disappointed that some of my music wasn’t heard," he said. "In context it was really interesting. But I was really keen to see Anger pull this thing off; maybe it was just too big.”

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