Deep Purple have settled on a title for their upcoming album.

As revealed in the above video, the group's next LP — their 20th studio effort — is called Infinite, and is still on track for release sometime in 2017. The 30-second clip doesn't reveal much beyond the album title, but you can hear a very brief instrumental snippet, as well as a voice calling the band to action for a rock 'n' roll record.

The announcement follows bassist Roger Glover's October video update, in which he promised an imminent release for the new record. "I know a lot of you have been waiting for this new album of ours. Well, it’s nearly there," he says in the clip, which you can watch below. "We recorded it in Nashville in February, and we’ve been working on it and the mixes were finally done a couple of months ago. It’ll be out sometime next year – early spring. I’m in Hamburg and it’s the first playback to some of the distributors and the record label chiefs and it’s very exciting."

Infinite is set to arrive roughly four years after the band's most recent set of new material, Now What?! — a record that cracked the U.K. Top 20 and earned Deep Purple the Comeback of the Year honors at 2014's Revolver Golden God Awards. As Glover noted, as much as the group might like to make its way back to the new release racks more often, their busy live calendar makes it hard to put an album together.

"I know you’ve been very patient – and so have we," said Glover. "We tour a lot, and it’s difficult to actually get some time in the studio sometimes. But the album is finished."

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