In the bizarre world of David Lee Roth, apparently there’s nothing wrong with trashing hotel rooms — or trashing Sammy Hagar in print prior to their joint 2002 tour.

But throwing trash onstage during a Van Halen show? That’s a no-no in the eyes of singer Diamond Dave, who recently singled out a fan for tossing rubbish in Roth's direction at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg.

Van Halen was playing its cover of the Roy Orbison classic ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’ and just about to wrap up the song's bridge when an undetermined object that was launched from within the first few rows landed near Roth's feet.

Roth quickly quieted the rest of the group by saying, "Wait a second, wait a second," then addressed the offending party: "Don't throw your garbage up onstage. Throw you girlfriend, a-hole." The crowd cheered with approval just as guitarist Eddie Van Halen gently kicked the item toward the front of the stage.

Hmm, maybe this song is giving off bad vibes or something on this tour. On March 13 in New Hampshire, Van Halen was less than a minute into 'Oh, Pretty Woman' when Roth stopped the band so he could curse out fans for fighting.

Watch David Lee Roth Call Out Garbage-Tossing Fan in Winnipeg: