David Gilmour offers fans a glimpse of the recording process for his new Rattle That Lock album with a pair of teaser videos built around the record's opening track, "5 A.M."

While neither clip includes the full song, the first video's footage (which you can watch above) goes behind the scenes during the creation of the track, showing a few moments of an orchestra performing the song, interspersed with Gilmour adding his guitar. The second video, which you can watch below, offers a few seconds of the completed track.

Rattle That Lock, due Sept. 18, serves as Gilmour's first solo studio effort since 2006's On an Island. "Sometimes, it takes the momentum a little while to get going," he explained when Rolling Stone asked about the long layoff between solo albums. "I really intended to get one done much quicker than this, but here we are. I'm allowed to take some time off at my age. And like last time, I'm intending to get another one out much quicker next time."

As with a number of albums the former Pink Floyd guitarist has been involved with over the years, Rattle That Lock is united by a loose concept, telling a story that takes place over a single day. "It's nice to have a focus and tie things into some sort of form to make it have a cohesion," he mused. "It's a loose thing about what you might be thinking or doing at a certain time of day. But it's not very strict. It's just always good to have some sort of theme running through something."

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