Roger McGuinn tweeted David Crosby to clear up the idea that he hated his former Byrds bandmate.

The exchange led to Crosby suggesting the pair should perform together, 19 years after they last played under the Byrds banner.

McGuinn was responding to a press article about Crosby’s new documentary, Remember My Name, in which Crosby notes, "I still have friends, but all of the guys I made music with won’t even talk to me. One of them hating my guts could be an accident. But [Roger] McGuinn, [Graham] Nash, Neil [Young] and Stephen [Stills] all really dislike me, strongly. I don’t know quite how to undo it.”

Posting a screengrab of the piece, McGuinn tweeted, "You’re saying I won’t talk to you and hate you. That’s just not true!” That led to Crosby responding with, “Thanks, Roger .... must have got you mixed up with those other guys ... so  .. want to do a couple of Byrds dates? I’ll just sing harmony ... no talking … ?”

Last year Crosby said he’d felt hurt that McGuinn and Chris Hillman didn't invite him to take part in their tour to mark the 50th anniversary of the Byrds album Sweetheart of the Rodeo, which was recorded after he’d been fired in 1967.

“I think he got some wrong information and thought we were going out as the Byrds," Hillman said at the time. “He wrote Roger and said, ‘I feel really hurt,’ and immediately we both wrote him back separately and said, ‘No, no no, this is the Sweetheart album. It’s not a Byrds reunion. We’re just doing this album from 50 years ago that you were not involved in.’”

He said Crosby had an open invitation to attend shows. “I care about David a lot," Hillman explained. "He's a mischievous little bad boy, still, but I do love him dearly."

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