David Crosby hit a jogger with his car this afternoon. According to TMZ, the 73-year-old singer-songwriter was driving his 2015 Tesla through California wine country at 55 mph when he hit the pedestrian.

According to the report, the jogger was airlifted to the hospital after receiving multiple fractures and lacerations from the accident. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Crosby told police that he was "blinded by the sun when the accident happened." The police reports states that alcohol or drugs, which Crosby has had a long public battle with, were not a factor in the accident.

TMZ reports that police are still investigating the accident and that Crosby immediately stopped his vehicle after hitting the 46-year-old jogger.

UPDATE: A newly released 911 call finds Crosby likewise telling police that the sun's glare blocked his vision, while the singer repeatedly pleads for first responders to hurry to the scene of the accident.

Crosby was in the news just a couple weeks ago after he took some shots at fellow artists in a string of tweets. Most notably, he called Kanye West an idiot and a poser, and referred to Beach Boy Mike Love as "not a good person."

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