Overzealous fans, autograph seekers, strange women draped over the hood of his car -- these are the sorts of things one might expect David Coverdale to have to deal with at his home. But as it turns out, the Whitesnake singer's problems are quite a bit hairier.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Coverdale recently found himself playing unwilling host to a black bear at his Lake Tahoe home, and although the intrusion ended quickly -- and with what sounds like fairly minimal damage -- it's an experience he'd obviously rather not repeat. "It must have weighed 450-500 pounds," said Coverdale. "It took out two armed screens, opened the fridge, ate his fill, then took a huge poop."

As a Tahoe homeowner, Coverdale's familiar with what a nuisance black bears can be; in fact, this is the second time one has broken into his house, so he knew how to proceed once he saw what was going on. "I came upstairs and interrupted him. I shouted like crazy as I couldn't find my air horns. Thank God, he remembered where he entered," he said. "I quickly looked around as I saw the mess and couldn't see where he gained access, then he headed for some sliding doors that we leave open when it's hot. They're only open five or six inches, and we have 'bear poles' that prevent anyone or thing opening them."

Those who live in black bear habitat know that the creatures aren't normally aggressive, but they're definitely hungry, and they can be pretty crafty about getting at food when it's within smelling distance. Unfortunately, they're not always graceful enough to dodge priceless rock star memorabilia. "I saw with my own eyes the creature rear up on its hind legs and squeeze out, taking an antique Tiffany lamp out as it escaped -- heartbreaking," said Coverdale, who told the magazine he intends to add additional bear-proofing features to the house.

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