Yesterday (May 20), British Prime Minister David Cameron visited London's Abbey Road Studios and, like uncountable people before him, got a picture of himself walking across the crosswalk, as the Beatles did on the cover of Abbey Road. However, his action raised the hackles of his detractors after he posted the photo on Twitter.

Cameron went to the studio with Tessa Jowell, a former Member of Parliament, to meet with the Creative Industries Federation, which promotes arts in the U.K., to discuss how Britain staying the European Union will benefit their cultural community. In his tweet, Cameron referenced one of Abbey Road's songs to make a connection to his cause.

"At Abbey Road with @TessaJowell as Remain campaigners and creative industries Come Together to say we're @StrongerIn."

But Cameron's photo op didn't meet too kindly with several Beatles fans. According to the NME, one fan responded with "What a prat. Beatles made that iconic and you just ruined it. [John] Lennon and [George] Harrison will be turning in their graves." Another wrote, "You are an embarrassment to your office, your party, and your country."  Clicking the above image will allow you to see even more negative comments.

The "Brexit," as it has been called, is a referendum that will determine whether the United Kingdom will remain in the European Union, a political and economic partnership of 28 European nations. Although Cameron is against the Brexit, many members of his Conservative Party believe that the European Union is negatively impacting Britain, both by imposing too many rules and fees and by having its borders open to immigrants of all of its member nations. The Economist's poll-tracker currently shows that the public is in favor of remaining, 47 percent to 40 percent, with 10 percent saying they don't know. The vote will take place on June 23.

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