Rumors of David Bowie's live comeback have fans buzzing. Depending on your source, the singer is planning a show at either Hyde Park or Olympic Park in London. Of course, all parties officially involved are remaining quiet ... mostly.

As far back as March, rumors have been flowing that Bowie was contemplating a tour in support of his latest album, 'The Next Day.' The London Mirror says that Live Nation and AEG are both set to make separate generous offers for Bowie to play different venues. Bandmates are coy about the matter (or they truly don't know), but Bowie's wife Iman referenced a tour earlier this year, when she claimed that it would be difficult to accommodate one with their daughter's school schedule.

According to the London Evening Standard, Bowie "knows that the level of expectation for the shows would be huge, and the pressure would be enormous as he would no doubt sell tens of thousands of tickets."

Only Live Nation CEO Arthur Fogel has offered an official comment on the subject, telling Billboard that all reports of the star's return are inaccurate. But that just may be code for "start saving ticket money." Bowie hasn't performed onstage since 2006 and hasn't toured since 2004. There's no word on when this rumored performance would take place, but a 2014 date seems likely.

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