It will be almost 40 years to the day of its original release when EMI releases the newest anniversary edition of the most influential David Bowie album of all time. A remastered version of 1972's 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars' will be released on June 4.

The concept album was originally released on June 6, 1972, but really didn't enjoy much success immediately, peaking at No. 75 on the U.S. album charts. 'Starman' was the only U.S. single, although tracks like 'Suffragette City' can be heard regularly on classic rock radio today.

The highlights of the reissue are 5.1 mixes of songs like 'Moonage Daydream,' 'Velvet Goldmine' and 'Sweat Head,' the latter three of which only appear on other reissues, but not in the remastered form.

Those songs appear on the audio-only DVD that is part of the reissue. One can buy the entire album on CD, but that only includes the original track-listing in remastered form. The vinyl and DVD package -- which one report says will cost around $27 -- includes an LP with the original cuts, and a 26 track DVD. has the complete track listing.

Bowie's Facebook page broke the news of the re-release. The post also says there will be a digital release of the 2012 remaster. No further details about where to buy any of the formats is available at this time.

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