Could David Bowie have a new album in the works? If his message to Rob Stringer, Chairman of Columbia Records is to be taken completely at face value then the answer might just be yes.

On April 24, Stringer was honored in London for winning the Strat Award which is annually handed out for recognition of an individual music industry executive at the Music Week Awards. In recognition of this achievement, Bowie posted a congratulatory note to the label head on his Facebook page. After relating a personal anecdote and words of praise, he slyly hinted that he's been at work..

When [Stringer] asked me if I minded if he took a few Saturdays off from his duties as percussionist on my new album this year in order to catch the Luton Town football club fixtures, how could I refuse? It’s the least I could offer to the man who with his own hands pulled my album to No. 1 throughout the world.

While Bowie’s remarks are more likely just an example of playful banter on his part, one can never really know when it comes to the reclusive artist. With the surprise release of his critically acclaimed album ‘The Next Day’ in 2013, it seems that just about anything might be possible when it comes to Bowie.

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