Dave Grohl performed the Beatles' 1968 song "Blackbird" as tonight's Oscar ceremony In Memoriam segment paid tribute to David Bowie and other stars the film world lost in the past year.

As photographs and video footage of departed Hollywood stars such as Bowie and Leonard Nimoy were displayed behind him, the Foo Fighters and former Nirvana star sat center stage with an acoustic guitar, singing and playing one of Paul McCartney's most beloved songs with the help of the show's orchestra.

In addition to his pioneering music career, Bowie appeared in dozens of films, including The Man Who Fell to Earth, Labyrinth, and The Last Temptation of Christ. You can learn all about his film career here. He died on January 10th following a private battle with cancer, just days after releasing his acclaimed 25th studio album, Blackstar.

When asked by ABC News if he was nervous about the prospect of performing in front of a billion people across the world during tonight's show, Grohl was quick to credit his daughter for inspiring him to say yes. "It's funny because, the reason I'm doing this tonight is because when I told my daughter I was offered to play, she said well you're going to do it, aren't you? And I said, well, I'm kind of a little nervous. And that night I went to sleep and I thought, well now I have to do it, because if I don't do it, my daughter's going to think I'm a big wimp."

Grohl also recently revealed that Bowie – perhaps jokingly, perhaps not – once told him to "f--- off" when the Foo Fighters star asked him to collaborate on a film soundtrack.

Dave Grohl Talks About Performing at the Oscars

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