While Ray Davies recently spoke optimistically of a Kinks reunion, brother Dave has seemingly squashed those hopes. The Davies brothers, it appears, are unlikely to reconvene for any future Kinks projects, according to the half that slashed and burned many a guitar.

In an interview last spring, Ray stated that he and Dave were "meeting up to talk about a reunion," but in a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dave said flat out that he "loved his brother, but could not be around him for very long." Continuing even more directly, he added, "How could I not love my own brother? I just can’t stand to be with him. About an hour with Ray’s my limit, so it would be a very short reunion."

This is actually less venomous than an interview a year ago with The Daily Mail where Dave quaintly stated, "You’ve heard of vampires. Well, Ray sucks me dry of ideas, emotions and creativity. It’s toxic for me to be with him. He’s a control freak." Go on Dave, don't hold back! "I think Ray has been happy for only three years in his life," he concludes. "And those were the three years before I was born."

So much for Ray's recent hopes of getting the legendary band back for one more round. Add that to the fact that original bassist Pete Quaife passed away last year, and any assemblage of the original lineup is obviously impossible.

Dave, who suffered a serious stroke back in 2004, is still dealing with aspects of that as well -- as his own legacy. "I try not to think about those days," he said, "When I hear it on the radio, I get excited, until you think about the way things really were , the bad contracts, the arguments, beating people up, getting beaten up, all the s---. But, in the end, hopefully, it will only be the music that is left."

And if that is all that is left from one of rock 'n' roll's greatest bands, that's more than enough!

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