Drummer Dale Crover of the Melvins called into the Howard Stern Show today to explain why he turned down what many musicians would consider a dream job -- as drummer in Nirvana! 

"Isn't it unbelievable, the mistakes you can make in life?" Stern had declared incredulously upon hearing this story during a conversation with current Foo Fighter frontman Grohl last month. He then stated he had to get the story straight from Crover, and finally got his chance today -- or as he declared it, "Bad Decision Monday."

Dale, longtime drummer in the legendary and still-active the Melvins -- one of Kurt Cobain's favorite bands -- kept a good sense of humor throughout Stern's questions but never expressed any doubt that he made the right decision: "At the time, those guys were heavily influenced by us, you know? It was kind of like the Melvins Jr."

So, Stern asked, don't you wake up kicking yourself? "The millions of dollars would have been nice," Crover admitted, "but the Nirvana story is truly a rags to riches story with an unhappy ending, you know? There was no way that I could predict those guys would have sold millions of records."

"I would have thrown myself off a cliff" Stern responded. "Does it make you doubt your decision-making ability in music?" "Not at all. I still like what I do in the Melvins better. I like our music better. Not putting down Nirvana at all. I love those guys, those guys are my friends. It was amazing to see those guys get as big as they did," Crover explained. "The Melvins are the better band, absolutely. Not everyone's gonna agree with me."

Dale also pointed out that he got the best of both worlds, because he does in fact appear on Nirvana records: "I played on three of their records, and I get paid for those records." If you're curious, those would be Nirvana's first album 'Bleach,' the rarities compilation 'Insesticide' and the 'With the Lights Out' box set.

The Melvins are about to release another excellent, loud and strange new live album entitled 'Sugar Daddy: Live' on May 31. They will be playing a series of two-night stands in cities across the country this spring, performing in full several of their classic underground albums that inspired Cobain to serve as their unofficial roadie back before he hit it big himself.

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