Note to self: Recycle beer cans at next Courtney Love concert. Whatever you do, do not -- repeat, do not -- toss said can onto the stage. Because Love, never one to take a perceived insult lying down, is going to humiliate you in front of a few thousand of your closest friends and neighbors.

Witness the above Daily Mail video from Love's show in Adelaide, Australia, which finds her explaining the error of such a move to a thoughtless concertgoer via an expletive-filled rant. She even (gulp!) questions his manhood.

“In 20 years, no one’s thrown a beer can at me except for you, f--er,” Love shouts, before placing her forefinger and thumb roughly one inch apart and adding, “Your weenie must be this f--ing big.” Much of the next portion is unintelligible, as Love unleashes a string of bleeped-out curse words. Then, having seemingly finished with the offender, she adds: "DO NOT DO IT AGAIN."

Yes, ma'am! Well, that's what we would have said, anyway. Apparently, this particular beer can-throwing fan -- who was apparently aiming in the direction of guitarist Micko Larkin -- came back for more.

“You wanna go back? You wanna f--ing f-- me up?,” Love says, tearing into him again. “Throw a beer can at my Micko, I will f--ing kill you. Throw it at me next time. We’ll have fun.”

Love's tour of Australia continues Sunday (Aug. 24), with a final stop in Sydney. This is her first tour Down Under since 1999.