Can you name the future rock star pictured above just by looking at his yearbook photo? Need some help?

This drummer was born in 1962 in Athens, Greece, and moved with his family to West Covina, Calif., a year later. Getting his first drum at the age of four and his first kit as a teenager, he was a percussionist in the Royal Oak High School but dropped out to pursue music as a career.

While gigging at various clubs on the Sunset Strip with a band called Suite 19 he picked up the nickname "T-Bone," and in 1980 he joined the band that would later make him a superstar. This glam metal outfit inked a deal with Elektra Records and issued their major label debut in 1983. Things picked up quickly from there, with a string of multi-platinum albums buoyed by a reputation for heavy drug use several high-profile arrests.

The band documented its notorious career in a best-selling 2001 autobiography, and the drummer published his own memoir in 2005. They've been back in the news recently as they prepare for an unprecedented residency kicking off in Las Vegas next month.

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