The fans wanted it. Her former bandmates kept asking for it. The rumors about it wouldn't quit. And now it's finally happened: Christine McVie reunited with Fleetwood Mac.

Sadly, it was exceedingly temporary -- as Stevie Nicks recently revealed to the BBC, McVie indicated a willingness to join the band for one song each at a pair of concerts, and the first one took place yesterday at London's O2 Arena. As Nicks suggested would probably be the case, McVie came out for 'Don't Stop' -- one of her signature Fleetwood Mac songs, and a No. 3 hit in 1977 after it was released as a single from the band's mega-platinum 'Rumours' LP. (You can watch the reunion in the above video.)

The Sept. 25 show marked McVie's first stage appearance with the band in 15 years. Following their highly successful tour behind the 1997 live album 'The Dance,' she quit the group, citing a desire to quit touring and step out of the spotlight; besides one solo album, 2004's 'In the Meantime,' she's largely remained silent since then. While she's been known to show up at the odd Fleetwood Mac gig, she's been content to watch from the audience. As she put it in a recent interview, "I have a really good time when I go. I can stand at the sound board and watch them sweat."

As the NME reports, the London gig was a sort of Old Home Night for the band; not only did McVie take the stage, but former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green was also in the audience, where he was presumably flattered when Nicks dedicated the evening's performance of 'Landslide' to him.

The band is scheduled to close out its current tour on Sept. 27 in London, and McVie is again expected to make an appearance for 'Don't Stop.' At present, no one seems to know what the future holds for Fleetwood Mac, with or without McVie -- but as her all-too-brief return demonstrated, there's just something about the bond between these musicians that always keeps them (and us) coming back for more.

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