Sex sells, but Chrissie Hynde isn't buying.

The Pretenders founder vented her frustrations regarding the current crop of scantily clad pop singers during a recent interview, arguing, "There’s a definite division of what I’d call porn stars trying to make records, and then musicians. If you go and see Kate Bush, you’ll see a real musician. She takes care of business the way she wants. If a girl walks on stage and starts playing like Jimi Hendrix, believe me, no one will be asking her to take her clothes off."

Once artists have worked their way through that prurient phase, they tend to blame the label, but Hynde isn't buying that either. "If anyone says, ‘I have to do this because my record company told me,’ that’s a lie," she sniffed. "The artist is in control of what they’re doing. You can always tell anyone to f--- off. If they’re under pressure to get their kit off, maybe they should just be making porn films. Maybe they’re in the wrong game."

As for what the right game is? Hynde made her feelings perfectly clear: "If you’re making music and people like it, that’s what you’re there for."

Chrissie Hynde's latest release, 'Stockholm,' marks her solo debut. She's scheduled to begin a North American tour in support of the album in late October.

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