Chris Cornell is giving fans new music today, but he's requesting a donation to children caught in the crossfire of the Lord’s Resistance Army – a rebel military group in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. 'The Keeper' is available for donations at, and will be available at iTunes beginning Tuesday.

The song is on the the 'Machine Gun Preacher' movie soundtrack. The movie -- starring Gerard Butler -- will be in theaters this fall, with the full soundtrack available on Sept. 20. Butler plays Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who finds faith leading him on a path to help the children of East Africa. It's based on a true story, and the specific charity Cornell fans are helping is Sam Childers’ Angels of East Africa.

“We were thrilled when Chris wrote this beautiful and heartfelt song for us," director Marc Foster said in a press release. "The first time I heard 'The Keeper,' I immediately saw it in the movie. Chris was able to articulate the essence of Sam's story.”

Indeed the song's dramatic mood does lend itself to a soundtrack for this style of movie. Have no fear, though, Cornell still maintains his signature style; it should be successful for the singer, the charity and the movie. Listen to the song below, then go put a few bucks down at Cornell's website. You'll feel good about yourself in the morning.

Listen to 'The Keeper' by Chris Cornell

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