There are album cover reveals, and there are album cover reveals, such as when Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani was joined by the chicken from the band's 'Big Foot' video on Friday (Sept. 16) to reveal the 3D album art for the band's new album, 'III.' The unveiling took place at the Whiskey in Los Angeles.

Satriani and the foul surprised fans with pairs of 3D glasses so they could enjoy an advance look at the massive poster of the band, which is currently viewable outside of this storied nightclub. The appearance was announced a mere few hours before the event took place and Satriani and the human poultry did their part by handing out the glasses themselves, all the while signing autographs.

The album packaging for 'Chickenfoot III' will feature the 3D artwork, along with other 3D images, so it will be an all out Chickenfoot extravaganza in three dimensions.

'Chickenfoot' finally drops next Tuesday, Sept. 27. Only a few more days, rock fans. Until then, you can read our review of this surprisingly diverse, and unsurprisingly rocking, new album right here.