Mötley Crüe proved their songs could survive in the hands of country stars with last year's Nashville Outlaws tribute album, and now singer Chelsea Lankes has demonstrated that at least one of the band's classic cuts makes for a pretty good pop song too.

For the B-side of her new single "Down for Whatever," Lankes decided to put her own spin on "Too Young to Fall in Love," originally recorded for Mötley Crüe's 1983 Shout at the Devil LP. As she tells Spin, she chose the song because "I've always been a fan of the '80s, and particularly hair metal. There are so many great lyrics and melodies from that era and dressed up a little differently, they can still be a really great pop song. ... I'm so drastically different as an artist from their sound, but the challenge of making it my own is what makes doing a cover song fun."

The guys in the band seemed pretty enthusiastic about getting the Nashville treatment, and they've offered similar encouragement to Lankes, writing in a Facebook post, "We support other artists [sic] interpretations of our music … This is a cool version … These are some pretty raw lyrics as well … Good job Chelsea."

Crüe drummer Tommy Lee also went out of his way to offer Lankes a compliment on Twitter, after which she told followers Lee's praise had sent her swooning.

Check out Lankes' take on "Too Young to Fall in Love" above, and listen to the original version below.

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