You could say Robin Zander is excited about Cheap Trick's forthcoming studio album, which has a working title of Bang Zoom Crazy Hello.

In fact, "as far as Cheap Trick albums, I like the Red Ant record, which is just called Cheap Trick, from 1997; that’s my second-favorite album," Zander tells Hits Daily Double. "My first favorite album has to be this new one."

He's comparing the project, which would be Cheap Trick's first since 2009's The Latest, to their classic-era recordings. "It has flavors of 1975; it really does," Zander says. "And it’s the same guys in the band, so it sounds like Cheap Trick. I don’t think anyone is going to be very disappointed."

They might just be surprised, however, since Cheap Trick has always liked to mix things up with an offbeat blending of power pop, hard rock and gorgeous ballads.

"I think all of our records are a progression of some sort. There’s three great guys and four great chords. There are three songwriters in the band and we’re all vying for space on the record as we go along on this journey of over 40 years. So, it’s going to be diverse, just like all of our records," Zander says. "I think that comes from just being four guys that have different tastes in music and we want to project that through our music, through our records. I always liked that about bands like the Beatles. They could be so touching at one moment and then 'Helter Skelter' the next."

As for choosing this one – over, say, 1979's breakthrough At Budokan or the 1988 smash Lap of Luxury – as the top Cheap Trick album, Zander says it's par for the course. "Each record is sort of like a brand new baby, where it’s your favorite thing at that moment in time," he admits, before adding: "I think we’ve come up with a gem and it’s going to be one of our best records."

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