Country star Carrie Underwood appeared alongside Guns N’ Roses during their show in London last night.

She guested on the classic track “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” then returned for set-closer “Paradise City” at the 63,000-capacity Tottenham Hotspur soccer stadium. Performance clips can be seen below.

Frontman Axl Rose performed the same two songs with Underwood during her appearance at the Stagecoach country music festival in May – a moment she told fans had been “the greatest night of my life.” She’d previously played the tracks a number of times herself, alongside GNR staples “November Rain” and “Patience.”

In 2020, speaking on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Underwood had recalled a trip to Las Vegas to see Rose’s band while her own group was on tour. “It’s kind of a life-long dream of mine I never thought would happen,” she said. “I couldn’t waste that opportunity, so I abandoned my husband, abandoned my children, went to Vegas and saw Guns N’ Roses. Amazing!”

She continued: “Usually when I go to concerts I’m like, in a box on the side, which is great. … But you miss the energy of the crowd. Because we were in Vegas, we were just in there with everyone else; it was absolutely incredible. You could feel everybody – everybody was screaming, I was screaming – I was like, ‘I’m never gonna see none of these people ever again. I'm gonna act like a fool!'”

Watch Carrie Underwood Guest With Guns N' Roses on ‘Sweet Child O' Mine'

Watch Carrie Underwood Guest With Guns N' Roses on ‘Paradise City’

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