Carlos Santana is trading guitar licks for salt licks, as he has become a part owner of Casa Noble Tequila. The legendary guitarist says he is a big fan of the the company's product.

"We have come together because I love the tequila," Santana said in a press release. "Passion, dedication and integrity is what attracted me to Casa Noble Tequila.”

Santana is now a shareholder in the company and sits on its board, to boot. He’s expected to be involved in the “continued development of the Casa Noble brand.”

"Santana’s love for the spirit of Casa Noble and his commitment to this new partnership is exciting for everyone involved with our brand," Casa Noble CEO Jose Hermosillo said. "Santana’s personal philosophy of quality and integrity in the pursuit of perfection is synonymous with the Casa Noble brand of fine ultra-premium Tequilas.”

Santana says he feels “at home” with Casa Noble, because “they strive for excellence and don’t take shortcuts.” He explains, "Just like the music of Santana, one note or one drop … they are the same thing. You have to feel each note from your heart.”

Adding to the relationship, Santana’s family and Casa Noble hail from the same city: Jalisco, Mexico. “My family roots date back to the 1700s in Jalisco,” he said. “My father is a Huichol Indian. When I visited the distillery, I immediately felt spiritually connected to the Hermosillo family and Casa Noble."

“Together we celebrate the gift of life and all of the blessing that come with it," he continues. "Together we can all make a difference in the world."

Santana and his band will kick off a North American in August. Click here for the complete itinerary.

Watch Carlos Santana Talk About Partnering With Casa Noble Tequila

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