Asking you to guess whose tattoo this is isn't exactly accurate, because it's just not one tatt we're singling out here -- it's pretty much an entire bicep, forearm and hand that's covered in ink. And even that massive sleeve is merely one piece in a larger puzzle of tattoos that cover this rock star's body like a giant inked canvas. In fact, we'd have a hard time thinking of many rockers with more tattoos than this guy does. He's certainly dedicated his life to the art of ink on skin.

Do you know who this colorful rocker is, or do you need a few hints? Well for one, the "1958" stamped on his knuckles refers the year he was born -- he recently turned 53 -- and his band certainly is tightly associated with the Southern Californian city it is from, although recently they've been spending way more time in Sin City than the City of Angels. We'll also tell you he plays bass in said band, but beyond that, you are on your own.

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