Everybody seemed to think yesterday's yearbook picture was too easy, so here's a tougher one. You can't name the future star pictured in this photo, can you? Here's some clues:

This proto-punk legend went to high school in Ann Arbor, Mich., starting his own group in the late '60s. He handled vocal duties in the commercially ignored but highly influential band and quickly developed a confrontational onstage demeanor that included rolling in broken glass and some of the first known instances of stage diving.

In the late '70s he also embarked on a solo career, releasing a pair of highly acclaimed, David Bowie-produced albums under his own name. The title track of the second one would later become better known for being included on the 'Trainspotting' soundtrack and being used in a series of Royal Caribbean cruise line advertisements.

He's since continued as a solo artists and reunited with his original band in 2003; in 2010, it was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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