The musician in this photo offers a hint of his future career as a rocker thanks to his long, shaggy (and not to mention, feathered) hair. He grew up to front one of the biggest and most notorious bands of the booze-fueled, glam rock glory days, which were headquartered on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Eventually, this enterprising entrepreneur would go on to open his very own strip club, too. He made it very clear early on in his career that he loves the girls (times three) and with that baby face, he likely had no trouble getting dates when he was a young buck.

This singer has had his share of ups and downs through the years. He was involved in a fatal car accident that claimed the life of a fellow musician. He also lost his young daughter to cancer. He even left the band that brought him fame, only to return years later. But through it all, he's remained an entertaining frontman.

While this vocalist is now 51, he still rocks with the type of youthful energy that he had when this yearbook photo was taken. He is hitting the road this summer on a major tour with a fellow legendary rock band.


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