A rare 1971 promo vinyl for Paul and Linda McCartney's ‘Brung To Ewe By Ram’ sold at an eBay auction for almost $2000 earlier this week, only days after the long-awaited 'Ram' re-issue arrived stateside. Though the remastered ‘Ram’ is great, there are still omissions -- a few of which can be found on this vinyl gem.

One-sided only, the 12-inch wax was distributed to radio stations across the nation to promote the album ‘Ram’ some four decades ago. It contains 15 different introductions, all 30-60 seconds in length and designed to be played between each of the songs.

The eBay seller, vintage vinyl retailer Parlogram, points out that the intros found here were recorded in the studio during the ‘Ram’ sessions -- but disappointingly, aren't included in full on the new deluxe ‘Ram’ re-issue.

The auctioned copy is legit as there are pauses between each of the tracks for the disc jockey’s convenience (whereas the counterfeit copies play straight through without the breaks). Housed in the original plain white card cover, the item sold complete with both letter inserts printed on "gold crest bond" watermarked paper.

The vinyl received the “near mint” status in just about every category from sound quality to the condition of the inner sleeve. Starting out at the meager selling price of just under $8.00, this auction proves that a copy of ‘Brung To Ewe By Ram’ can, well, still bring it.

Listen to a Piece of 'Brung To Ewe By Ram'

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