In his first concert following the forced ending of his show in Hyde Park on Saturday (July 14), Bruce Springsteen made fun of the incident on several occasions throughout the night.

Taking the stage at Dublin's RDS Arena on Tuesday, Springsteen turned on a mock power generator and said "Before we were so rudely interrupted..." The E Street Band picked up where they left off, with the ending of 'Twist & Shout.' They then launched into a cover of the Bobby Fuller Four's 1966 hit, 'I Fought the Law.'

In the encore, Springsteen again launched into 'Twist & Shout.' A man dressed as an English policeman came out to stop them, only to be rebuffed by Springsteen. During the last song, 'American Land,' the policeman pulled the plug from the fake generator, only to have it be put back in by Little Steven.

Saturday's incident in Hyde Park was the subject of a hysterical segment on Tuesday's episode of 'The Daily Show.' In the bit, the New Jersey-born Jon Stewart defended Springsteen's right to sing as long as he wants, while John Oliver, a native of England, spoke of Britain's need for sleep. It predictably devolved from there.

Watch Jon Stewart and John Oliver Debate Springsteen's Hyde Park Controversy