Time definitely does fly. Back in 1984, it was a then unknown actress Courteney Cox who got plucked out of the crowd and catapulted into fame when she joined Bruce Springsteen onstage for the 'Dancing in the Dark' video.

That iconic video moment has led Bruce to look for many a dance partner over the years when the song arrives in their sets, but this past Thursday in Paris, he had one very special lady filling his dance card.

The singer urged a young woman named Jessica to the stage, who just so happened to be his daughter. Now closing in on three decades since that video, Springsteen may not have the spry moves he did back then, but the rocker still pulled his fully-grown 20-year-old daughter onstage for a dance that ended with him lifting her off the ground and showing his pride and joy to the audience.

Springsteen is currently on tour in Europe, but will return to the U.S. for more shows in August.

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