Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band got the 2011 Grammy Awards off to a suitably overblown start with a big, string-section assisted live rendition of his current single, 'We Take Care of Our Own.'

With a highly unconventional "one, whooo, hee, whore!" count off -- listen and tell us we're wrong --  Springsteen unleashed his even larger than usual E Street brigade into battle on the highly infectious (if lyrically vague and jingoistic) throwback number.

"America, are you alive out there?" Springsteen exhorted, before launching into what professional wrestling fans would label a "spotfest." That is, a performance where an artist is maybe a bit too concerned with hitting all their big moves: sharing the microphone with Little Steven, posing with his back to the audience and guitar held aloft, grimacing and grunting to show you just how deeply he's really feeling every last word, that kind of thing.

Not that we're accusing him of fakery, by any means, but.. it did seem a bit planned out rather than felt, is that fair?

Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform 'We Take Care of Our Own' on the 2012 Grammy Awards


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