Paul McCartney hasn't won over many people with the title of his latest album, 'Kisses on the Bottom' -- especially not Brad Paisley. The country superstar went so far as to take to his Twitter account on Wednesday to send out a series of screeds against the name. "It's only February, but Sir Paul is an absolute lock for worst album title of the year," he wrote in one note. "Actually, maybe all time."

"It's like he's kidding. He's got to be kidding," adds Paisley. "Tell me he's changing the title back to the real one, right? Oh then how we'll laugh and laugh."

McCartney, who admitted that a sense of "mischief" caused him to go with the cheeky title, also said that one of his record label representatives responded to his proposed album title by saying: "under no circumstances can we do this." But apparently McCartney won out in the end, because the name stuck.

Which brings us back to Paisley, who couldn't believe that McCartney's associates didn't talk him out of using the title. He wrote: "Dear Team of 'Yes Men' surrounding Sir Paul: you really have taken it to a new level. No one said... 'uh, Sir, uh... what maybe.."

"Even 'Kisses on the Butt' would be better, could mean cigarette," he added. "Or heck, 'kisses on the a--', possibly a beloved pet donkey. But bottom? Nope."

Meanwhile, McCartney's previously announced free live streaming performance on iTunes has been confirmed for Thursday at 10PM EST. The former Beatles legend will be rocking selections from 'Kisses' during the set, which will be streamed live from Los Angeles' Capitol Studios.

If you check your Beatles calendars, you'll see the today is the 48th anniversary of their world-changing 'Ed Sullivan Show' appearance, which you can re-live right here. Kinda makes you realize Paul's used to causing a fuss once in a while, huh?

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