Boston founder Tom Scholz will revisit the band’s classic 1976 self-titled debut album this weekend on the syndicated radio program In The Studio. Scholz sat down with program host Redbeard for a one-on-one interview to discuss the creation of the unique album.

The guitarist and inventor spent seven years constructing 'Boston' his basement, spending a total of just $1,700 to record what remains, 35 years later, a groundbreaking release, both musically and from a technological standpoint. To date, the album has sold more than 17 million copies.

Scholz recalls his initial work with the late Brad Delp, saying: "He sang one track and I considered handcuffing myself to him at that point and throwing away the key, just to make sure that he'd be there for the next one."

Archival interview audio from Delp reveals the humorous moment when he realized exactly how well the album had sold.  “When I got home, I had an apartment. I called up our accountant and said, I’m thinking about maybe buying a house, can I do that? My accountant said, ‘How many?'"

The complete one hour program airs this weekend on In The Studio affiliate stations. You can listen to interview clips from the program here.

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