A quartet of young 'American Idol' hopefuls calling themselves Make You Believe teamed up to forget the words to the Boston classic 'More Than a Feeling' on tonight's episode of the singing competition, although to be fair two of the members were dealing with a nasty flu.

The segment started off with footage from the previous night's rehearsals, as group member Amy Brumfeld is dealing with a nasty bout of illness and doing her best not to get her bandmates sick. Unfortunately, she fails and Jacquie Cera turns up ill when it's time to sing for Steven Tyler and the rest of the judges the next day. So badly sick, in fact, that she collapses on her way to the stage.

The young girl bravely joined her partners for the performance anyway, and to be fair, they had a nice piano-backed arrangement of the song figured out. Too bad the majority of them forgot the words! The judges were so displeased that three members of the ad hoc group were voted off, with only Mathenee Treco surviving to potentially assault more classic rock in future weeks.

Watch Make You Believe Perform Boston's 'More Than a Feeling' on 'American Idol'

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