After months of previews, cast injuries, revamped scripts and a change in directors, Bono and the Edge's Broadway musical 'Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark' is finally officially opening tonight (June 14).

In a new interview with the New York Times, Bono admits that he and the Edge would have passed on writing the songs for the show if he'd known it would have been plagued by so many problems. "The hours and weeks and months," groans Bono. "If we thought it would take this long, there is not a chance on earth we’d have done it."

The U2 singer says he's finally satisfied with the show after it recently went a dramatic overhaul. "The first time I loved ‘Spider-Man’ was two and a half weeks ago," admits Bono.

However, he adds, "Even when I was really angry about its obtuse story and some of the awful readings of the music — even then I was still saying, it was kind of magical."

Bono and the Edge appeared onstage at Sunday night's Tony Awards, during which they had a good laugh about the many setbacks suffered by the 'Spider-Man' musical.

"We used to be famous for being in U2," quipped Bono, before adding, "When I first saw the Tony Awards on our schedule, I'd assumed we'd been nominated." To which the Edge replied, "It appears we missed the deadline."

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