He was only 33 when he died, but former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott left his mark while he was alive -- and now he'll be getting his Hollywood due with a biopic that recently cast its leading man.

Bravewords (via Guyspeed) reports that first-time director J.R. Getches has found his Bon in the form of Rob Liotti. Liotti, who reportedly also shares a screenwriting credit, will also be making his cinematic debut in the film, titled 'Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC.'

While pre-production has started, it's still very early going on the movie, which is still seeking funding while Getches rounds out the rest of his cast and tries to finish before a competing Scott-inspired picture arrives in theaters.

Whatever happens next, Getches sounds like he has his heart in the right place. "The story of Bon Scott is a classical tragedy," he said in a statement. "He traveled across the world, made his mark and then died too young. He was a misfit who found his place in rock music and became immortal pursuing his dream. This is a story worth telling."

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