Musically, Bob Seger spent a good part of last year revisiting past glories. His North American tour with the Silver Bullet Band focused on such signature songs as 'Night Moves' and 'Old Time Rock and Roll' — both of which appear on 2011's two-disc 'Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets' collection.

But Seger plans to spend much of 2012 concentrating on the present and beyond, with new music on tap for 2012. The singer has put some pressure on himself, saying his self-imposed deadline for the album's arrival in stores is September 24.

Attending last weekend's Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles proved to be a creative boost for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. "I came here to get stoked up, see a bunch of great talent, and I'm gonna fire up the writing pad tomorrow night," he said recently.

Seger has been hard at work for a while writing his first new studio album since 2006's 'Face the Promise.' He began a three-month block of songwriting on Jan. 1, and prior to that, he already had a few finished tunes in the can, including one called 'Ride Out.'

"It covers an awful lot of territory," Seger said last fall in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock. "It covers so many [topics you almost] have to hear it. There are an awful lot of lyrics pinched into a small area. Line to line it goes into different subjects, and I really like it. I am trying to write stuff that is different."