Awards, awards...someone is always handing out awards! The Songwriters Hall of Fame has announced their inductees for 2012 and the list includes Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot and Jim Steinman.

Canadian born Lightfoot, known for a string of hits such as 'Sundown,' 'If You Could Read My Mind,' 'Carefree Highway' and 'The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald,' began his career in a manner similar to that of many struggling young songwriters, with his songs becoming famous before he did. His early efforts were covered by the likes of The Grateful Dead, Elvis Presley and Peter Paul & Mary to name a few.

Bob Seger is no stranger to classic rockers. From his early days as a primal rock and roller in Detroit, making raw and gritty records, to his more polished arena filling million-sellers, Seger remains a staple on classic rock radio, with legions of fans. Hits like 'Night Moves,' 'Turn The Page,' 'Old Time Rock And Roll,' and 'Hollywood Nights' can be heard every day on a radio near you. Seger entered the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2004.

Meat Loaf may have been "the man," but Jim Steinman was the man behind the man. Steinman wrote the songs that became million sellers for Meat Loaf on the 'Bat Out Of Hell' album. His conceptual teen dramas, filled with Phil Spector-esque arrangements, were brought to life via Meatloaf's Broadway-style delivery. Steinman would later work with a variety of artists ranging from Bonnie Tyler to Sisters Of Mercy.

Also being inducted are  Don Schlitz (primarily a country writer) and the duo of Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (no not that Tom Jones, this duo gained fame from the 1960 musical 'The Fantasticks,' which is the longest running show in the history of musicals.)

The ceremony will be held Thursday, June 14 in New York City, with additional special award honorees announced soon. The Songwriters Hall Of Fame started in 1969 and annually pays tribute to a variety of writers in pop, rock, country, soul and more.

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