With Record Store Day 2013 a couple of months away, we're starting to get a look at what's on tap for music fans -- and this year, that will include a pair of previously unreleased Bob Dylan tracks.

According to Dylan's official site, Columbia Records will be putting out a 7" vinyl single led by a demo for 'Wigwam,' originally released as a single from 1970's 'Self Portrait' album. Although it just missed the Top 40, the song was an easy listening hit in the U.S., and fared well on the charts in other parts of the world; among critics, it was generally regarded as a highlight of an otherwise problematic record -- and one from which Dylan himself has, over the years, occasionally taken pains to distance himself.

The 'Wigwam' demo will be backed up by 'Thirsty Boots,' a previously unreleased Dylan cover of the well-known song originally written and recorded by Civil Rights-era folksinger Eric Andersen. Initially recorded by Dylan for the 'Self Portrait' sessions, 'Boots' is slated for inclusion on the upcoming 'Bootleg Series Vol. 10,' which will reportedly focus on the period between 1969's 'Nashville Skyline' and 1973's 'Dylan' -- an often critically maligned stretch that nonetheless includes a string of gold records and the occasional classic (e.g. 'If Not for You').

Record Store Day will take place on Saturday, April 20. As we previously reported, David Bowie will be releasing three different singles for the event. Click here to see a list of participating stores near you.

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